Masashi Mihotani

LCD imagery (ongoing project)

The images that provide the basis for my photograms are daily memories which I visualize using an AI image generation tool. I find that these images evoke the memories of a specific time, almost as if they were my own personal photos. In order to generate an image reminiscent of a particular memory, I carefully consider the input text. This process strikes me as being almost identical to thoughtography. At the same time, these images retain their feasibility. I create photograms by exposing paper coated with a photosensitive material to the light of a computer monitor displaying these generated images. The changes that have occurred to liquid crystal images since their inception can be thought of as an expression of the complimentary state between autonomous technology and human beings. The photogram process captures the indices of both the ephemerality of these liquid crystal images as well as the devices that reproduce them. I consider this to be yet another form of photography.