Masashi Mihotani

Images are for illustration purposes

This is a series of photographs made in a color darkroom using packaging from candy wrappers, food, and other products that I consume in my daily life. This packaging is used in place of film negatives as a way for me to separate the printed image from its original meaning and context. Through this gesture, I am able to create photographs which present an unintelligible husk of the packaging’s original visual information.

As the title of this work suggests, the majority of photographs that we encounter in society are actually treated as illustrations, associative tools whose primary purpose is to facilitate sales and consumption. This evolution is particularly fascinating when one considers that photography was originally a physical trace of real-world processes and phenomena. In this sense, the unintelligibility of these images is a way for me to re-examine the photograph’s potential to contain new encounters and discoveries about the physical world around us.



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